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Two Tips To Follow When Buying an Electric Recliner Chair

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Below are some helpful tips that you should follow when purchasing an electric recliner chair.

Pick one with a cup holder if you have a lot of drinks and are clumsy

If you are rarely seen sitting down without a coffee, tea or other drink in your hand and you know you can be clumsy sometimes, then you should ensure that the electric recliner you buy has its own integrated cup holder. Whilst spilling liquids on any piece of furniture can leave you with a big clean-up job, this type of mistake can be particularly bothersome if it happens while you are in an electrically powered recliner chair.

If for example, you spill a drink on the remote or if it the liquid seeps through the fabric and cushions and down into the chair's motor, the liquid might damage the chair's electrical system and make it malfunction. Whilst the chair might start working again after it dries out (or after an electrician repairs it), you might be left without this useful furniture for a few days until the problem is fixed.

By ensuring that the chair has a cup holder in which you can keep your drink stable when you are not holding it, you will not end up trying to balance your drinks on the armrest or on your lap, and will not, therefore, end up breaking this new furniture.

Consider whether you want a single or dual motor

You should also think about whether you want the chair to have a single or dual motor. If you get a chair with a single motor, its footrest and seat will move in sync with one another so when the latter is in its reclined position, the former will become elevated, and vice versa. If you get a chair that has a dual motor, you will be able to use operate these two components separately. This would mean that you could, for example, lay back in a semi-reclined position with the footrest lowered and your feet on the floor.

Dual-motored recliners are a good choice if you like to recline in a variety of positions, depending on, for example, how much your back or knees are hurting, whilst single-motor recliners are a better option if you are happy to have a smaller number of seating positions to choose from and would prefer a chair that is extremely simple to operate.