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Corner Recliner Suites: A Look At Chaises

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A corner suite or sofa is a wonderful addition to your home that allows for easy conversation, TV viewing and more. It can fit in an actual corner of the room if you prefer, or you can place it so that the back of one arm creates a divider of sorts in a larger space. The V shape of the suite gives people enough room to stretch out while still maintaining a more intimate feel when chatting with others. One module that you can get in many suites is a chaise, often called a chaise lounge. The chaise is really one of the best parts of these suites.

Look For Modular Versions That You Can Move

Many corner suites are now sold as modular collections — groups of units that you can mix and match within a specific product line. When you have a modular corner suite with a chaise, you can often move the chaise away and use it as a standalone segment (depending on the specific model), such as when the corner suite is in the centre of the room and you want to relax by a window. This is also very helpful if you want to be able to move the suite around and place it in different parts of the room; if there's not enough space for everything to fit as one corner suite in a particular spot, you can remove the chaise and place it where it can act as a separate chair or even as an additional loveseat for two people.

Don't Avoid Ottomans If You Get A Chaise

Chaises let you put your feet up and relax without leaving a weird gap underneath your legs like you'd have if you were putting your feet up on a separate ottoman. They really are great for when you need to rest. However, they don't take the place of ottomans, as versatile as the chaises are. In fact, you'd want extra ottomans so others could put their feet up if the chaise were occupied. The ottoman can serve as an extra seat, too, or be placed at the end of the chaise to extend it.

Go For A Wider Chaise Module For Extra Comfort

Chaises vary in width, and this usually depends on the style of the suite as a whole. That's more important than it seems at first, though, because a wider chaise gives you more room to move around and find a comfortable position if you're trying to recline back and relax. The width of the chaise is going to match the width of the other modules in the corner suite, so if you want more room in the chaise, be prepared to look at corner suites with wider cushions and wider modules.

You can get corner suites without chaises, of course, but that's not as fun. The chaise module will not take up that much room compared to a regular sofa module, and you'll appreciate having the extended cushions. Look for corner suites for sale to find out more.