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Would You Benefit From an Electric Bed?

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Electric beds can be adjusted into different positions to offer support to different parts of the body. This can provide a more comfortable sleeping experience and can alleviate a number of conditions. Here is a quick guide to some of the groups of people who might benefit from such a bed.

People with mobility problems

One of the biggest benefits of an electric bed is that it makes it easier to get in and out. Since the upper-body section can be raised and lowered with an electric bed, you can get into the bed from a sitting position. The bed will support your back and then gently lower you down. Getting out is just as easy, as the bed will raise you back into a sitting position. It will also provide support for you if you want to sit up and watch television or read.

People with circulation problems

If you suffer from poor circulation or from swelling complaints, such as oedema, an electric bed can be an enormous help. It is very easy to raise the affected limbs to a position above the heart, relieving the pressure on the limb. You can also lower it again if you no longer need this relief. You may already be resting your limbs on a pillow or cushion and find that your support keeps moving. An electric bed will not have this problem.

People with snoring problems

If you keep yourself (or a long-suffering partner) awake by snoring, you may also find an electric bed to be helpful. As you will be able to move your head and neck into more comfortable positions, you will find a way to keep your airways open and keep the disruption to a minimum.

People with back pain

The ability to adjust an electric bed to fit the shape of your body can also help with back pain. A flat mattress will not be able to support every part of your back and will put pressure on those areas that are already hurting. An adjustable bed can be adapted to the contours of your body and will provide full support to your back, taking the pressure off and allowing you a comfortable night's sleep.

Although electric beds are ideal for the elderly and people with mobility issues, they can also help with a range of other conditions and can be a benefit for people who simply want a better night's sleep.