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Remodelling Ideas for Small Kitchens

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When looking for kitchen renovation inspirations, spacious kitchens get the most attention. It makes remodeling small kitchens challenging, although the spaces have a lot to offer. As long as a small kitchen gets the job done as far as meal preparation goes, making it look stylish cannot be too difficult. With the right remodelling advice, you can make a small kitchen feel spacious and practical. This article highlights refreshing ideas for small kitchens.

Limit Wall Cabinetry to One Side — The cabinetry arrangement in your kitchen can make the space feel cramped and dark. Even if you paint the cabinets brightly to reflect light and create the illusion of an expansive space, you are likely to achieve undesirable results. A better strategy to remodel a small kitchen and add more space is to limit wall cabinets to only one wall, particularly for narrow kitchens. Notably, limiting wall cabinetry to one side creates more space without affecting functionality. For a more dramatic effect, choose open cabinetry instead of closed cabinetwork since it lets you showcase collectible tableware and highlights beautifully designed accessories. Most importantly, open shelving makes small kitchens brighter since they allow light through without hindrance.

Select Curved Kitchen Benches — Kitchen benches are essential since they offer a workspace for food preparation. In fact, the right countertop material can transform an ordinary kitchen into an elegant space. However, you should avoid angular benchtops because the sharp edges can make moving around a small kitchen a hassle. On the other hand, a countertop with rounded edges creates more clearance, allowing seamless movement inside a kitchen. Curved kitchen benchtops also add a subtle design element. Besides, since you are more likely to hit yourself against the sharp edges of an angular benchtop, a curved benchtop is a safer option in small kitchens, especially if you have children in the house.

Use Large Tiles — The aim of renovating a small kitchen is to make it spacious and luxurious at the same time. You can achieve the objective by knocking down some walls and increasing a kitchen's square feet; however, the option is expensive and time-consuming. The other alternative is to create an illusion using floor tiles. Floor tiles come in many sizes, and installing large pieces on a kitchen floor creates the illusion of an expansive space. Large and lighter floor tiles are even better because they reflect more light. Besides, using large tiles makes a remodelling project less expensive since you only need a few pieces to cover a kitchen floor.