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Choosing the Best Outdoor Furniture When You Have Pets

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Outdoor furniture is arguably subjected to more wear and tear than your indoor furniture. Not only does it receive regular use, but it needs to deal with a lot of sunshine, rain and wind (not to mention anything the wind happens to actually blow onto the furniture). If you have a dog or a cat, this wear and tear is accelerated.

It can be hard to blame your four-legged family members if they want to also make use of your outdoor furniture. So perhaps it's hard to get angry with your pooch when he climbs up onto your padded sunlounger and makes himself at home. Having said that, your pets should affect your choices when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture. By making the best possible choice, you will get something stylish and comfortable, but also something that can stand some canine and/or feline love. So as a pet owner, what should you be thinking about when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture?

Avoid the Wood

Wooden furniture is common in outdoor settings, but some dogs might be tempted to chew on this, and some cats might want to use it as a scratching post. The same goes for wicker furniture, even though such furniture is largely comprised of synthetic resin. Opt for powder-coated metal furniture. This is aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. Powder-coated metal outdoor furniture is available in a multitude of colours although you should steer away from lighter colours. These can easily become stained by a dirty dog rubbing up against it as he sits at your feet. Sure, such stains can easily be wiped off, but why give yourself some extra cleaning to do?

Durable Cushions

Detachable cushions for outdoor furniture are generally made from synthetic materials, such as a polyester cover filled with polyurethane foam. Sure, this is durable for standard use and is the most-cost effective choice, but general outdoor cushions are not always the best way to go if you have pets. Choose cushions covered with a specialised outdoor fabric, which doesn't mimic natural fibres as many polyester-covered cushions do. This means that the cover doesn't appear to be woven. It's a single unit which is soft and comfortable, and yet can be wiped clean, which is perfect if your dog likes to snooze on your outdoor cushions when you're not around (or even when you are).

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be careful with the design and colour of cushions when you have pets. Naturally, avoid light block colours or even symmetrical designs that have a lot of white space. Dark block colours can also show pet hair. Patterned upholstery will look great, and will make pet hairs infinitely less obvious.

By choosing the best outdoor furniture, you will get something that looks great and also something that can withstand the attention of your dog or cat.