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How to Add Hidden Storage to Your Home

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Many people today are choosing to downsize their homes to save money on utilities and the mortgage itself, as well as to cut down on the pollution generated from their energy usage. The drawback to a smaller home is that storage is often a challenge. Also, even if you don't live in a small home, you may find that your living space lacks adequate storage for everything you need to keep at hand. Note a few tips for adding hidden storage to your home no matter its size and no matter your storage needs.

Vertical storage

When you think of shelves and storage containers, you may consider items at eye level or that you can keep on the floor. This means you may not be reaching high enough for hidden storage! A soffit, which is like a long compartment that is typically used to hide exhaust pipes in the ceiling, can be built as a cabinet to create storage along the wall in any room. Because a soffit is built from the ceiling down, it's out of the way and doesn't get in the way of other furniture. You might also be missing out on storage in the kitchen if your cabinets don't reach the ceiling; adding a row of cabinets above the ones you already have can mean storage for small appliances, linens and other items you don't need to use every day but still want to keep easily accessible.

Underutilised spaces

Space under the bed, the sofa, the entertainment centre and other such large pieces is usually wasted. You can buy very cheap bins for storing items under the bed; this can include non-perishable items for the kitchen, such as canned foods and paper towels. You can also store linens and toilet tissue in bins under the bed. In the living room, opt for flat but decorative baskets you can slide under the sofa to hold computer accessories, toys for the kids and books.

Custom furniture

Another great option, if you have the budget, is to order custom made furniture. A bench for the kitchen can provide storage along the bottom, or you can have a coffee table made with storage under the table for linens and books. A platform bed with drawers is a good solution for a bedroom with little storage, and a custom built-in storage unit for the living room can provide all the cubbyholes and drawers needed for games, toys, linens, computer equipment, craft supplies and everything else.