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3 Essential Furniture Items For A Princess-Style Child's Bedroom Transformation

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If your daughter is like many little girls, then she's probably a big fan of princesses and all things pink. Every princess needs her castle, so transforming her bedroom into a magical palace fit for royalty is a wonderful idea if you're planning a redecoration project.

Along with the colour scheme and princess-style soft furnishings, you'll need bedroom furniture that fits the style. Here are three essential furniture items which will help to create a beautiful and romantic princess-themed bedroom.

1. A four-poster bed

No princess would be without a regal four-poster bed. Single or king single four-poster beds are available from most furniture stores. Alternatively, you can transform a regular single bed into a four-poster bed by simply screwing or nailing some painted posts to each corner of the bed.

Once you have the bed setup, you'll need to adorn it with some glamorous decorations. Swaths of fabric, mosquito nets, and lacy ribbons will all create a canopy like effect. You can add some silk flowers, fairy lights, or pretty fabric bunting to complete the look.

2. An ornate dressing table

A Princess needs a place to try on her tiara collection, brush her flowing locks, and apply her shimmering lip balm. A small ornate dressing table with a matching chair is the perfect piece of furniture for this job.

You can buy dressing tables with a small mirror that's integrated into the top of the dresser. Another option is to use a small, regular set of bedroom drawers and add a small mirror to the wall behind it.

3. A treasure/blanket box

The final piece of furniture you'll need to complete the transformation is a blanket box that can double as a treasure box for the foot of the four-poster bed. Traditionally these boxes are used to store spare bedding in, but for a child's room, they are perfect for storage of toys and princess treasures.

Although it is possible to buy blanket boxes that are already decorated with a Princess theme, they may be hard to find in your area. However, a simple timber blanket box from a furniture store can be made into a fabulous treasure box with a coat of paint, some decorative stencils, and some sparkly Princess stickers.

These everyday pieces of furniture will help to turn your daughter's room into a room that she will delight in. Your little Princess will be thrilled with a room that is beautiful and fun.