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4 Things You Must Do When Planning a Relocation

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Moving house can be daunting given the amount of work that lies ahead.  For example, you must figure out how to carefully pack all delicates, how to dismantle furniture and how to fit stuff in your new home. Here are four key things that you must do to ensure a hassle-free move:

Buy Packing Supplies

Imagine if a timeless piece of China was rendered useless owing to damage during the relocation? To prevent such unfortunate occurrences, you need plenty of boxes, bubble wrap, tape and possibly ropes to help you pack your items safely. You can fetch some at a supermarket or, better still, get a good deal from companies that throw away boxes. Do not skimp on bubble wrap for pricey items like electronics, porcelain and mirrors.

Declutter Your Home

You may not be a self-proclaimed hoarder, but it is likely that you have a plethora of items and clothing that outdid their purpose. Start by doing a walkthrough in every room and pile all clothing on to the floor. Ask the kids to participate in the sorting such that you end up with three piles: keep, charity, discard. Repeat the process for items like toys, furniture pieces and even old appliances that no longer serve you. The goal is to ensure you only pack what is actively in use.

Check Utilities

The lack of services like electricity, water, and gas can significantly hamper the settling-in process. Transfer all utility bills to your new address ahead of time, so there is no lapse in connection. If you are moving across states, ask your realtor about any special regulations beforehand and address these to avoid ill-timed surprises.


Once you decide on the most valuable belongings, the next step is figuring out transportation particularly when moving across states. For small homes, you may opt to ferry the load using the family truck over several trips if the distance allows. However, large family moves require a more convenient mode of transport like furniture transport services to ferry bulky furniture and even smaller loads. If you are moving to a different state, interstate removal services are the most ideal to handle the move.


Planning relocation is hectic given the many processes involved and the heightened risk of things going awry. Work out a favourable budget and hire a reputable removal service to ease the hassle. This way, you can settle into your new residence contentedly on schedule.