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4 Reasons to Consider Bench Desk for Your Office

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Bench desks are becoming increasingly popular in offices across the world, so they're definitely something you might want to consider during an office fitout. Bench seating connects desks together instead of keeping them apart, usually with two rows facing each other. Each employee gets their own space and their own office chair, but the working surface itself is connected.

Here are just four reasons why bench desks are a great option.

1. Low Cost

There are plenty of things to consider during a commercial fitout, but cost is always going to be a prime concern. Bench desks offer a great way to keep your office looking modern and inviting without breaking the bank. They still look great, but they also share parts, such as the frames and legs. As such, buying a six-person bench desk will prove more economical than buying six individual desks. You can either save that money, put it towards another part of your refit, or opt for more high-end desks than what you could have afforded to buy singly.

2. Perfect for Group Work

Most offices run better when people can work together. That can be tricky with individual desks since everyone will be on their own little island. With bench desks, you can remove any central screen to create one large unbroken space whenever one team needs to work together. You should also find that employees communicate better and feel like they're in a more social environment when you provide bench desks.

3. Effortless Flexibility

Modern offices are more flexible than ever. It isn't at all rare to expand quickly or need to provide desk space for temporary workers during busier periods. Bench desks provide the flexibility necessary to meet changing needs. When you need to seat more employees, you can simply attach a new desk to one of your existing workspaces. On the other hand, you can also break larger bench desk workspaces into smaller ones if you want people working in smaller groups.

4. Makes the Most of Your Space

It could be your office has space to spare, but even the most generously sized working environment should be smart about how that space is divided up. If you're using individual desks, you aren't making the most of your space since there will need to be gaps left between each one. Since bench desks fit together in long rows, they make good use of available space – it's the difference between stacking items and placing them side-by-side.