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Guidelines on Finding A Fitting Lift Chair

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A lift chair is a movable power chair that is designed to ease its users from a sitting to a standing position safely. This is especially handy for people with mobility issues or for the aging population when doing simple tasks such as getting the door or going to the bathroom. For this reason, seniors with arthritis or Parkinson's stand to benefit the most because the chair minimizes the risk of falls and reduces family dependence while also providing maximum comfort. There are many lift chair options, but this guide will help you select one that is right for you.

Reclining Configurations

Lift chairs are distinguishable by the number of positions they can provide. Two-position lift chairs often have a 45-degree reclining position perfect for watching television and reading. A three-position chair offers more positions, with an almost flat position that is ideal for napping or relaxing. The infinite position lift chairs are top of the line and often include massage technology and numerous positions, including a full sleeping position. They are particularly beneficial to people with low blood pressure.


The lift chair material goes beyond appearance and is important for your comfort levels. Some materials might feel itchy against your skin, while others might just be outright uncomfortable. Fortunately, lift chairs come in a variety of fabrics, designs and colours for your choosing. For instance, a leather seat may not be very comfortable in a hot climate. Breathable fabrics offer comfort when sitting for prolonged hours. Most manufacturers will give you the autonomy to choose your preferred seat covering.

Size of The Chair

The size of the chair is an important consideration since you don't want to spend time and money sitting on an uncomfortable chair. For this reason, your lift chair size should be able to accommodate your weight, height and room size.  As a rule of thumb, the arms of the chair should be able to give you sufficient grip from a sitting position. Equally important, the backrest should allow you to sit in an upright position with your feet resting on the floor. Talk to the seller for more information on the best seat for your operation. They come in a variety of sizes, from small to double extra-large.

Advanced Features

Top-of-the-line lift seats can come with nifty additions such as cup holders, heated seats and massage capabilities that may seem unnecessary but that make a world of difference for people with mobility issues.

In sum, lift chairs offer great safety and comfort, especially for people with mobility issues. Contact a lift chair supplier to learn more.